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frequently asked


[what do i do when i have a new listing?]

If you have an upcoming listing, or are going to a listing appointment, simply go to Agent Resources above, scroll down to Listing Documents and select the corresponding type <rental, sale>

[i promised my seller we'd go live same day of appt]

This is acceptable and doable, as long as you have detailed Showing Instructions, Ad Remarks, and photos. Be aware that all syndication sites will take 24-48 hours to feed your new listing, and any updates made to listing after it's live will take longer. Zillow will sometimes not even feed photos correctly if uploaded later. I STRONGLY recommend that you tell your seller to give you 1-2 weeks in order to go on market with full force and ready to impress! 

[i want to go live on a weekend]

Unfortunately, we do not make listings live on weekends. Besides our admin team having off on weekends, the eXp Realty broker, Jeffrey Kist, only approves documents Mon-Fri until 5:30pm. Anything outside of that will have to wait until his next available work hours. 

[i don't have detailed showing instructions but i want to go live]

This is acceptable, but be aware that we will make you <Listing Agent> the confirming contact for all appointments, and will still add the owner to receive notifications of confirmed/cancelled appointments as a default on Showingtime. You will be in charge of providing us with instructions if you want them updated. You can also update yourself when available through the Showingtime app. If you do not have a Showingtime account, we will write in broker remarks to contact listing agent for all showings. 

[do all owners have to sign ALL documents?!]

All parties to the listing agreement must sign off on price changes, extensions, etc. 

If a spouse is not tech savvy, the agent can get the signatures by hand. 

[can a property manager sign in place of an owner?]

If the properties are in the name of an entity (LLC or otherwise) and the property manager is an employee of the entity, the owner of the company can give authorize the property manager to sign listing agreements. If the properties are in the owner's name, the owner will need to sign.


[can tenants write personal checks for broker fee?]
No. All rental broker fee checks MUST be certified checks or money orders. Once received, please send a copy of the check and mail to:

eXp Realty LLC, PO BOX 787962, Philadelphia, PA 19178-7962

[where can i find NTN information for tenant credit reports?]

You can go to Documents above, click on the eXp Realty google drive link, go to NTN Tenant Instructions. Once a tenant completes their Credit Report application, fill out the Credit Request Report Form (in the same folder) and send to the address on the form. NTN will provide you with the report.

You also have the link for that drive in your welcome email from eXp. 

[can you send out lease applications for me?]

Agents are in charge of running NTN Credit reports and getting lease applications filled out by tenants, finally submitting their application to the listing agent. Once the tenants are approved, then you submit your Lease Write Up request thru Agent Resources > Offer - Lease and we will take care of the rest!


Off Market

[do i need an NDA to show off-market listings?]

 It would never be within our need as a brokerage to require an NDA. We work for the Seller. If the Seller chooses to require one, they are to provide it and we ensure it is signed prior to the showing and/or the release of sensitive information. Anyone who needs to sign the NDA should be informed that it is provided on behalf of the Seller. The NDA can be uploaded as a document on the MLS accessible to other agents.

FSBO/ Regular Open Houses 

[what do i need in order to host a FSBO Open House?]

As per brokerage rules, hosting a FSBO Open House requires a Consumer Information Statement (transaction broker must be checked off), Lead Paint (if needed), and a FSBO Commission Agreement. Go to Agent Resources above, scroll down to Open House Request and select FSBO as type. 

[where do i get open house signs?]

Team leaders are in charge of sign ordering and tracking. Please contact your team leader to obtain signs. If you're unsure who your team leader is, please contact Michael at


[what are my options to list out of state?]

When it comes to real estate, the general rule is the agent must be licensed in that state in order to list, sell, or rent property for others or on their own behalf through a brokerage. Unless the agent is also licensed with eXp in that state, they will need to refer the listing to an eXp agent licensed in that state. You can use the eXperts Directory to find an agent who works in the town or use the eXp Referral Network

*Please make sure you complete your Grow With DeVoe Onboarding Program*

Most of the questions you might have are answered there. 

if you have questions you don't see answered above or in your Grow With DeVoe Program, please contact Michael at and she will find the answer for you. 

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