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  • Report prospecting numbers at least 3 days per week and at least 15 days per month.

    • This number of 15 days per month incorporates days off for holidays, vacation, sick, birthday, etc…

    • The reporting needs to be complete by 10pm day of prospecting to count towards the above goals. (Ex: You prospect on 1/28/18 but report the numbers on 1/30/18. This does not count towards the above goals)

  • Appropriately follow-up with all company generated leads and log activity in CRM (Boomtown currently, soon to be RealistiQ)

    • Minimum right now is at least one status update per week (note). (In the future, RealistiQ will have a set schedule to follow based on lead source.)





  • 15 Minutes of daily script practice on days that you prospect

  • Sales Activity KPI’s

    • (Daily) - 20 conversations (Averaged out over the week Sunday - Saturday)

    • (Weekly) Showing Appointments - 2

    • (Weekly) Buyer Consultations + Listing Appointments - 2

    • (Monthly) New Pending Transactions - 2

    • (Monthly) Hosted Open Houses - 1

  • Attend at least one Market Center Training event per month.



What is a "New Pending Transaction"?

- This is when an offer gets accepted on a property whether your buying client gets one accepted or your seller decides to accept one.

How will you track all of these items?

- A lot of this information will be conveyed via your daily number reporting. The rest of the items will be covered in your weekly 1-on-1's with your Team Leader

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