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Buyer Contract of Sale - Instructions

How to create the buyer loop correctly so that all docs pre-fill correctly.

(If you already have a loop, skip this)

How to add documents and share after loop is created.


Lease Creation

Have tenants whose applications have been accepted?


Submit the information here to have the offer/lease created and shared.


Transaction Submission

Has an offer been accepted on your listing or one of your buyer's had an offer accepted?


Submit all necessary information here so the admin team can take over.


Listing Paperwork

Need listing documents created for an accepted listing or a Listing Appointment?

Submit the information here to have the documents created and shared.

Are you going to be having an Open House?

Broker, Mega, FSBO,


Let us know so we can get your marketing materials together.

Did you host an Open House for one of our listings?


Submit feedback below so we can keep sellers informed and happy.

Do you need to send out a lead referral?

Please submit here and we will take care of it for you!

*This is only for sending referrals, not receiving!

team feedback

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