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admin support (after-hours and weekends)

Ximena Trujillo


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions and to stay in alignment with our values and be of maximum service to you, our admin team will have coverage on the weekends and after-hours on weekdays. Please read below for what you can expect from your operations team!

Monday - Friday

  • Any request for offer creation or listing documents submitted between 9am - 6:30pm will be completed that day. Be reminded, we must always service all agent requests in the order they are received.  All of our agents are equally important and have just as urgent needs as you.  



  • Offer requests should be submitted no later than 5pm. Anything submitted after that time will be completed on Monday. 



  • Urgent last minute troubleshooting or error correcting, please contact Ximena directly through text. Rentals<including Lease Offers>/Listings will be completed Monday. 


  • These times were created based on real data from when you all are submitting items. We are able to track and adjust now as a result of the online form submissions

  • These times are subject to review and change. If we need to adjust to your business needs, we will.

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